Curses, Foiled Again! No Sea Level Rise for New York, Washington D.C.

Don’t you hate it when you make scary, melodramatic scientific predictions, and wait for the big bucks to come rolling in–and then your prognostications turn out to be totally, hopelessly wrong?

How many “climate scientists” have sought to wow their audiences with claims like “New York gonna be the new Atlantis! Only the Government can save us”? The Government advised by ourselves, of course.

Now we find that since 2009, sea levels at New York City and Washington, D.C.–which were supposed to go up, up, up because we stubbornly refuse to live like medieval peasants–have, in fact… gone down ( ). And of course, if you look at the graphs over time, you can easily see that sea levels are always fluctuating–subject as they are to countless influences, some of them so subtle that we have yet to detect them.

So again it’s boo-hoo to the Global Warming crew: take a long walk off a short pier, and hope there’s still water under it. I would say “pray” instead of hope, but I have no idea what you guys pray to, and probably don’t want to know.

4 comments on “Curses, Foiled Again! No Sea Level Rise for New York, Washington D.C.

  1. Apparently, that’s why our illustrious Attorney General – Loretta Lynch-mob wants to put us in jail for disagreeing with their precious ‘climate change’.

    Let’s just hope Joe Collidge doesn’t see this. You’ll have his antenners in a twist!

  2. I remember being in high school in the early 80’s and at that time they were preaching a new ice-age. NYC would be covered in feet of polar shelf ice. At the time, I thought that might not be a bad thing – NYC gone! Now I have been proven correct, the US would be better off with the politics of NYC gone!

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