Is It Ever Right to Bear False Witness?

Okay, it’s a stupid question. None of God’s Ten Commandments comes with an “except” clause. Case in point:

Yesterday we received one of those chain emails, this one regarding Nancy Pelosi (D-Transylvania) and a plan to levy a “windfall tax” on retirement income. Pelosi here is quoted as saying the money is to be given to illegal aliens, and “We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income…”

I found this very easy to believe, and it got my dander up. But before I wrote about it, I checked to make sure it was true.

It does not appear to be true. There is no evidence that it was anything  but a hoax.

Yes, the kazillionaires in the Democrat Party, like Pelosi and Kerry and the rest of ’em, are always gasbagging about the horror of “Income Inequality” and how you and I have to have our underpants taxed off so there’s more money for the Dems to redistribute to their assorted voting blocs. Of course, if any of them wanted to ameliorate poverty, he or she could easily walk up to some poor person’s door–if he even has a door–and hand him a big, fat check. Some of these private jet liberals could do this every day and never miss the money. But they don’t like to part with their own money. They like to part with your money.

So I believed the email, but it turned out to be not true. I believed it based on innumerable things these people have said and written–but in this case, Pelosi didn’t say it.

It’s a sin to bear false witness, even against the enemy. God does not need that kind of help against His enemies. He can take care of Himself, and He can take care of His people. Even Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House who hopes to get the job again, does not need to be slandered. Doing that, we don’t hurt her; we shame ourselves.

Besides, there’s any number of damaging things we can say about her that are true, without having to bear false witness against her.

Lesson: Beware those chain emails. They might not be true.

4 comments on “Is It Ever Right to Bear False Witness?

  1. You’re right, Lee. And they do give us enough already without having to make things up. It’s difficult to erase from my mind their victorious parade when Pelosi marched around grinning with the giant gavel in her hand when they shoved Obamacare down our throats.

    As far as chain letters go – I delete them. They’re most always untrue and a marketing ploy. Every time someone forwards one, the ones behind the chain letter capture another email address for their own – sometimes nefarious – purposes. Please, everyone – don’t forward chain letters!

    1. And let’s not forget Joe Biden’s ‘open mike’ comment on the passing of Obamacare. The supply from the libs is nearly endless!

  2. Thanks for the burden. I believed it. Now I have to do the research. But I just can’t do that because even if it’s not true today, I’d wager big time it would be true tomorrow. The Democrats seemed to have traded life in prison for life in Congress. Slander? That’s a fine line Lucile!

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