You Can’t Kill the Rapist?

Why is this man smiling? Busted another law-abiding citizen who dared defend himself, have you, Bill? All in a day’s work for any liberal.

Front-page news in New York City today: a man has been charged with manslaughter for killing an intruder who tried to rape his wife ( ).

The attacker broke into the couple’s apartment and attacked the wife, punching her, tearing at her clothes. Her screams brought her husband running to the rescue, prudently grasping a tire iron. This he used to beat the intruder to death.

So now he’s the criminal? This is too much, even for Bill de Blasio’s New York. The bad guy broke in his door and attacked the wife, and the husband who defended her is a criminal?

But then liberal rulers always favor criminals over law-abiding people. Always.

I doubt this man has much to fear from any jury, unless they can somehow collect a jury full of rapists. But as Ezra Levant says, the process is the punishment. By the time this ordeal is over, the husband will have been put through hell.

P.S.–And what is journalism coming to? Dig this quote from one of the news articles on the Internet: “after he beat a man who tried to rape his wife to death with a tire iron.” Another fine product of university journalism courses.

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  1. Doesn’t it make you wonder when Our Lord will say it’s enough!? Evil and darkness loom larger – daily, it seems.

    As far as this ‘journalist’ goes – well, proper grammar seems to have escaped him. I’m certainly glad I read this article a day or two ago. If I had depended on this character, I may have thought the rapist was using the tire iron!

  2. Not to defend this scum in any way, but my husband (former paralegal) was talking about this story earlier. He said the problem is the husband chased down and beat the guy to death after he was already running away. If he had knocked him out and held him for authorities, OK. But it doesn’t count as self defense anymore if the person is running away from you and even once they are subdued you continue to beat them.

    1. Let him run away–so he can come back another day? And maybe bring a few of his friends with him?

      The thug could have very easily avoided getting killed just by not breaking into someone’s apartment to attack his wife.

    2. As I said, not defending the culprit, but I know why the husband is getting charged in this case. He didn’t have to let the guy run away completely, but if he had control of the situation, he could have restrained the guy for police to deal with. The husband was rightfully angry, but went too far in his response by beating the man to death. It’s a fine line that gets a lot of good people into the same kind of trouble this husband is in now.

    3. That raises the issue of police response time. It’s not like summoning a genie out of a lamp.

      But I doubt the husband was busy calculating anything. For some reason this guy breaking into his apartment and attacking his wife just made him angry beyond his ability to control it.

  3. In a case like this, no response is unreasonable. The rules: those are unreasonable. We had better believe, we must do whatever it takes to defend ourselves; not waiting on help from anyone else. Things have gotten completely out of perspective.

    1. Rape should be a capital offense, in the first place. Ditto home invasion. In some states the law is, you can just shoot someone who breaks into your home. But if you do that, you’re costing Democrats a potential vote.

    2. We have the ‘Castle Law’ in Florida: you do NOT have to retreat when threatened. You can shoot! And wherever you are is considered your ‘castle’. You don’t necessarily have to be home. The problem here, if I understand this correctly, is that the rapist retreated. When someone retreats, they are no longer a threat. Most probably the husband was so upset and outraged that he didn’t realize how far he had gone.

    3. Good point! Things like that DO happen. I think the husband will have good defensive arguments. Too bad they have to endure all of this after what happened to the wife. Not to mention legal expenses.

    4. I fear you’re right about that, Lee. Very sad situation for them. We can pray for them.

  4. Well, gee whiz…..why can a policeman knock a person down and continue to beat on him/her? Seems that it should be fair for all of us to keep pounding on a known bad guy who is caught in the act of….whatever.

    1. Excellent point, Joyce! While not all police are bad actors, we certainly see more of that kind of behavior these days. This family has been through so much, and our government means to put them through much more before this is over. Very sad.

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