Nora the Cat… Pianist

You’ve got to love this–Nora the cat, on her piano. She’s really into it.

Nora’s famous, by the way. My wife has a Nora the Cat coffee mug that I gave her for Christmas a few years ago. We were even thinking of acquiring a very small piano for our cats, but that was before we saw what those things cost. I don’t sell enough books to buy a piano for my cats. Anyhow, they seem reasonably content with pipe cleaners and rolled-up sheets of paper.

4 comments on “Nora the Cat… Pianist

  1. This is the best one I have seen yet! Nora has composed her own version of chop sticks, and she is great!!

  2. These are the cutest little scudders. I just love cats and miss mine every day. Thanks for the peaceful entertainment.

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