By Request, ‘Days of Elijah’

We can thank Erlene for suggesting this rip-snorter of a joyful noise unto the Lord–Days of Elijah, sung by Paul Wilbur with backup by, I think, everybody.

I also love the way these lyrics tie together the Old and New Testaments, the prophets and the Revelation, Moses and the Church–as indeed they should be tied, because the Bible is a unity. I know Christians who think the Old Testament doesn’t count. They couldn’t be more wrong.

3 comments on “By Request, ‘Days of Elijah’

  1. You are so right about the Bible being one integrated message. Torah is the foundation, New Testament, the completion. I love this song, and it even has one version by a group of U.S. Marines- all are good.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Lee, and Erlene. I, too, love this rousing song of praise. And it’s always a blessing to see the whole audience praising Our Lord! Who’s spirit could still be napping after hearing praise like this!

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