Sanity Break: Playful Cat, Sleepy Dog

I feel like I ought to apologize for the loathsome and distressing news I posted here today. Believe me, I didn’t like it. I did it because I thought it was my duty.

So here, instead, is a cat who wants the dog to wake up and play with him, and a dog who is determined to stay asleep no matter what. Whose will is stronger? Watch the video, and find out.

One comment on “Sanity Break: Playful Cat, Sleepy Dog”

  1. How sweet! That cat sure was lovin’ on that dog 🙂 By the end, though, it almost seemed like the cat really just wanted the dog to move over and make some room!

    You don’t make the news, Lee, you just report it. No matter what, that comes with watchman territory.

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