Canada Court Legalizes Bestiality

Oh, how I wish this were a satire! But it isn’t.

Thanks to the Canadian Supreme Court, a new Cherished Minority  has been born–persons who have sex with animals ( ). WARNING: Again today, if you click the link, you will expose yourself to depraved content.

Our dying secular civilization just can’t seem to stop creating new “erotic minorities” that have to be respected and accepted and affirmed and celebrated by the rest of us, or else.

Anyway, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that existing laws don’t really prohibit bestiality, as long as a certain kind of act is not performed. Other than that, anything goes.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

7 comments on “Canada Court Legalizes Bestiality

  1. This is another headline I saw earlier today. Sickening! And dare I say this will be coming here because of the degenerates we have as ‘leaders’ promoting all things anti-God! Well, God is watching. I pray these perverts repent before it’s too late for Our Holy God does have a cutoff date and He has not revealed it.

  2. Shocking, to say the least. Once the door opened on perversion, it was inevitable that it would be thrown wide for anything-everything-inthinkable.

  3. It seems totally inconceivable that a mother, of all people, would be so insane as to murder her own child in such a vicious fashion. We are told about people such as this; “…without natural affection…” but it is mind boggling to any rational human being. If anyone doubts that we are in the last days, I don’t know what it would take to convince them.

  4. Depravity knows no limit, it seems, so what do you suppose will be the next sick thing?

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