Don’t Let Kitty See This!

P.S.–Under no circumstances let your cat view this vintage Ty-D-Bol commercial. You’ll be sorry if you do!

5 comments on “Don’t Let Kitty See This!

  1. It is insanely hot out there today and I put some water out for the stray and just now a second cup. I would bring it in but it has claws and my cat has none. Plus it appears to be happy being wild. It has come around for two years now and I have nursed it back to health with fancy pants cat food and even some table scraps.
    My favorite part is she doesn’t complain or act like a diva and will eat whatever is put out there. I could not let one of God’s creatures go hungry and starve on my watch. Once on a trip out to Shangri-La aka the mountain west I left out a few days worth of food under a vehicle and I was worried about the cat about four days into a week long trip.
    Snapped a photo of a beautiful mountain and a stray cloud formation looks like a happy cat!

    1. Yes! God bless you! It’s good to know there are still some of us left 🙂

  2. Please remember…..If you feed them, you should spay or neuter them. I’m the crazy cat lady in this neighborhood. I’ve “fixed” 13 kitties and it seems to have stopped the cat population in this neighborhood. 4 of them have decided to live inside with me. Gotta love cats !!!

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