Baby Donkey at Play

Enough of that evil stuff out there. Let’s look at some of God’s stuff instead.

Who says donkeys can’t run? Watch this little fellow take off like a ball in a pinball machine. I think that’s his mother who finally herds him off for a nap.

3 comments on “Baby Donkey at Play

  1. Adorable! Thanks, Lee. Reminds me of the burro we had when we were children. My poor cousin didn’t get along too well with him though. Once, my cousin made the mistake of bending over behind the burro. You can guess what happened. Yup. My cousin got upended – butt over tea kettle! 🙂

    1. Linda, you must’ve had every kind of animal in the book, except maybe a monitor lizard. I had one, but because I was full of misinformation about these critters, she and I never quite hit it off.

    2. Yes, I’ve been blessed to have had many of God’s creatures as friends in my life. Never had a monitor lizard – or any other kind of lizard. My friend had an iguana though. And in South Florida there are small geckos everywhere. They come out at night and have the sweetest, most wonderful little chirping song! Many times I’ve thought animals make much better friends than people.

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