‘O, God, Our Help in Ages Past’

Turn up the volume and sing along–this wonderful, 300-year-old hymn by Isaac Watts (not Springsteen), O God Our Help in Ages Past.

This is yet another hymn we used to sing in assembly at high school, before the times got so bad and the wicked took over the country.

4 comments on “‘O, God, Our Help in Ages Past’

  1. Thank you, Lee. It’s such a blessing to start each day with a hymn.

    Would you please add ‘Grace’ by Michael W. Smith to the request list?

  2. Hello Lee,

    What a magnificent hymn. Thank you. I will make sure we sing it at the next prayer meeting (Catholic no less).

    I am really enjoying your emails. The hymns seem to be coming at just the right time, as God always provides.

    Blessings, Evelyn

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