Video Treat: Dogs & Sliding Boards

Does your dog enjoy the sliding board? These dogs do. I have my doubts about cats enjoying this, but one may always make the experiment.

Anyhow, let’s relax our minds for a bit…

2 comments on “Video Treat: Dogs & Sliding Boards

  1. A couple of them had a bit of trepidation, but soon got over it. They all seemed to be okay with the whole thing, and the ones who went running back UP the slide were hilarious! Some of their landing maneuvers had me holding my breath though – they could’ve twisted a leg. The one who had a pool at the bottom of the slide – great idea!

  2. If only cats would enjoy road tripping and travel like dogs do. I’m sure there are some but the majority of cats do not and will head for the hiding spot when you break out the cat hauler.

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