Video Treat: Non-Musical Cat

Don’t you just love the subtle way cats operate? He wants you to stop playing the piano and pay attention to him instead. Does he walk up and bite your ankle? Heck, no. Much, much more fun to quietly interfere until whatever you’re trying to do becomes impossible. Our cats like to flop themselves down on top of jigsaw puzzles while we’re trying to do them. And you know what any cat does if he thinks this is not a good time for you to be reading a book.

New Feature: I’ll post reader-suggested videos, if you want to send some in. Bear in mind my want of technological know-how. Join in the fun! We can all use a daily break from watching our whole civilization go down the tube.

3 comments on “Video Treat: Non-Musical Cat

  1. This is hilarious – and this cat certainly is persistent, as most cats are. You’re so right, Erlene, they do win – every time! And I suspect the reason is mostly that cat people indulge them – and of course, who can resist. It’s nearly impossible to be upset with a cat. Who can resist those faces looking so sweetly up at us? Not me 🙂

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