Cats Not Getting It Right

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your prayers. No further word from the hospital as yet.

Meanwhile, because life goes on, and because I love cats–they are God’s stuff, and that’s why they still work right–and love watching them, here we have a few kitties who need more practice. But I guess if you’re as athletic as a cat, you can take a fall with no harm done.

3 comments on “Cats Not Getting It Right

  1. Thanks, Lee. A few little chuckles were in order. Cats always provide a bright spot. 🙂

  2. Big kitteh fest last night as it cooled down with another pop up thunderboomer. The black cat stray is quite a sneak and snaked a can of Sheba I picked up for one of the patches strays.
    My cat is almost back to normal after her mini-stroke and is looking out the front window again. A gray tiger stripe stray comes by and they look at each other. The other patches stray is fluffy with dark eyes and has the most unique meow. All it wants is some attention and to be petted.
    The black cat and the gray tiger stripe are new and run off if I get too close but they don’t mind the food I put out, hehe!

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