Please Pray for Us

My Aunt Joan, the last of my family in her generation, was taken to the hospital this morning. The doctor says “It doesn’t look good.” He had me choose between allowing her to die or else administering medication–and, if need be, inserting a breathing tube–that may possibly, but not necessarily, help her to recover. Because I could not bring myself to refuse any reasonable chance, I said to proceed with treatment. If her condition doesn’t improve, then I’ll have to make another decision.

I have no meaningful knowledge of medical procedures. Nevertheless, the buck stops here and I can’t–and won’t–pass it on to anyone else.

We are Christians, and we know where we are going. Most of the members of my family have already been seated at the Lord’s table. It’s not something that we have to fear. The part that truly, deeply hurts is to be left behind without our loved ones.

All I can do is to ask my Lord for guidance. Please join me in that prayer.

And I’ve posted this hymn, Behold the Mountain of the Lord–because it stirs my soul so deeply, and allows me to feel the Holy Spirit at my side.

10 comments on “Please Pray for Us

  1. Heading to the offline silent prayer room now. We have been very lucky as a family in regards to health.
    My dear Auntie died of a broken heart but the official cause says renal failure.
    My brother has stage III lung cancer but is doing well with some “alternative” treatments that only real doctors approve of.
    I know prayer works because once the wolf was literally at the door with fangs bared and I prayed and nothing bad happened.
    Only God can pull that off.

  2. Our Abba, we come to you to ask of you a measure of mercy and grace along with your wisdom for our brother and family. You and you alone have the authority, power and ability to guide us through each and every difficult situation, and our lives are in your hands. We trust you to help us make the best decisions, to give us shalom in all our ways and we release our loved ones to your tender care always. Amen.

  3. May the Lord grant you the wisdom to choose what your aunt would want, and peace, comfort, and solace with those decisions.

    Ray Greco


  4. 18 months ago my family was faced with the exact same choice. My mother needed the breathing tube, but we already knew she did not want any “heroic” medical treatments that would keep her alive if the Lord was wanting her home. We chose the tube. After 3 days of trying her best to gag it up and pull it out (while in a semi-comatose state) we asked that the tube be removed. She never fully came out of the coma and lived only 2 days. She went home to heaven. We still don’t know if we made the right choice. It really does not matter now. When the Lord calls you home, your family should just let you go.

  5. Oh Lee, I pray that God will give you peace. I know this is hard. I will definitely be praying for you, and for your aunt!

  6. Praying for you and your family, Lee. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. This is one of those hard moments where all we can do is lean on God and ask for wisdom. If there is any comfort to be found in this situation, its that you know whatever decision you make, her life is in God’s hands. She won’t live one moment more or less than she’s meant to, and when she leaves this world, she’ll be taken up in the loving arms of our Lord.

  7. Lee, you, your aunt and your family remain in my prayers. Know that you have been a faithful nephew. Know, too, that Our Lord makes the ultimate decision – you are spared that. When He calls, no matter what you say or do, His decision is the one that prevails. May His Holy Spirit bring you peace and strength during what I know is a difficult time. He is faithful!

  8. I’ve been where you are and will be praying for you as you seek the Lord regarding which is the best treatment for your aunt. These kinds of decisions keep you up at night worrying and wondering. I’ll be praying for that promised Peace that passes all understanding. The Lord bless you and keep you during this time. Try to spend as much time with your aunt talking about the former days of your life with her.

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