You Can Get a Master’s Degree in Stupid Studies!

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Wow, how about that! Starting next year, the publicly-funded University of Arizona will offer a degree program in Transgender Studies, with four professors teaching it and earning swell pensions, and the possibility of earning a master’s degree ( ).

Now I ask you, if that’s not worth going into debt $150,000, or even #200,000, what is?

One little promble. The university suddenly discovered that all three of the Transgender Studies profs they hired were… white! O, forsooth! How could that have happened? So they had to run out and hire a person of color to be the fourth.

Actually they’re gonna need at least 50 professors, one for each “gender” recognized by idiots. Look at all the demographic groups they’ve left unrepresented! Betcha there ain’t one Andaman Islander amongst ’em.

Another wee sticking point: there are already more people studying and promoting and celebrating “transgender” than there are transgendered individuals. At what point does this cease to be sane?

Excuse me? What–we already passed that point some time ago? Oh, well…

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  1. Inane, Insane and Incomprehensible. How long will our Holy One tolerate looking upon His creation being so utterly corrupted? Dare I say – not much longer! Come Lord Jesus!

  2. EVEN IF ‘transgenderism’ were a real thing, it’s been around for such a short time that no one could possibly be an expert in it yet; let alone four people.
    I guess the only job opening for a Transgender Studies grad would be as a teacher of Transgender Studies. And so the endless cycle goes on.

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