‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’

Onward, Christian Soldiers–hey, can somebody give me an “Amen!” on this?

As we listen to this hymn, a certain flatline Protestant denomination has kicked off its annual General Assembly with prayers to Allah. I don’t think you’ll hear Onward, Christian Soldiers there.

Sing louder, sing louder.

2 comments on “‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’

  1. AMEN, amen and glory to THE ONE TRUE GOD, YHVH. That other thing is a devil’s idol. Disgusting.

  2. Amen! Thank you, Lee. The battle continues – as evidenced by the rebellious worship of Allah by the sleepy Christians (at least they purport to be). Christians, stand up and get in formation behind our Commander, Jesus!

    My prayer is that this morning finds your aunt improving, Lee.

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