6,000 Hits This Month!

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The critter depicted above is one of the knuckle-bears of Lintum Forest, first seen by Jack and Ellayne in Bell Mountain. I’ve posted it to celebrate the surprising fact that this humble blog has recorded over 6,000 views this month.

I thought I was years away from doing that, and I must thank my loyal readers for proving me wrong.

Can we do it again? Well, there’s only one way to find out…

3 comments on “6,000 Hits This Month!

  1. I believe as the news and happenings around the world become more discouraging, people will look for something positive and encouraging and they will find it here. Also, when we begin to pray for one another’s needs, another great reason for visiting.. I’m sure we all enjoy all the wonderful hymns and worship music, too.
    I Then Shall Live by the Gaither vocal band is a great song.

  2. So that’s a knuckle bear!

    Congratulations on the popularity and success of your blog, Lee. I agree with everything Erlene said. You’ve found a great balance and we appreciate the encouragement, prayer, hymns, lighthearted videos and even the current events. We must keep track of the enemy’s doings.

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