One Boot, One Shoe–Fad or Foible?

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Yesterday–she was walking her dog along our sidewalk, again–and today I noticed the woman next door wearing a boot on one foot and a shoe on the other. As I deemed it unlikely she would make the same mistake two days in a row, I gather she’s doing it on purpose.

A few years ago it was a young woman with half her head shaved. I looked this up and found it referred to some pop culture gimmick that I had never heard of and which I forgot within minutes of reading about it.

Now, would you believe it, there’s a “One Shoe Lifestyle” out there. It’s all over the Internet–testimony as to how fast and how thoroughly any ridiculous idea can be transmitted, nowadays. I think “one shoe” and I think broken glass, people spitting on the sidewalk, chewing gum, animal waste, etc. But apparently this little fetish really turns some people on. I wonder when their Lifestyle will be formally acknowledged by the government, with special rights to be awarded and penalties levied on the rest of us if we fail to “celebrate” this Lifestyle.

Anyhow, there she is, shambling around with one shoe and one boot… while we’re waiting for the President’s next edict about who can go into which bathrooms.

I don’t think our country’s founders would envy us.

4 comments on “One Boot, One Shoe–Fad or Foible?

  1. Couldn’t they have settled for two different colored socks? I hope they remember to wear opposites each day or they’ll unevenly wear out one half of each pair and the other half will remain.

    1. Well, she’s walking around today in a shoe and a boot, and she did it yesterday, and I’ll be jiggered if I know where that comes from.
      I find it vaguely offensive, but not being a liberal, I don’t propose to ban it.

    2. If she seems approachable, why not just ask her? Nutty comes to mind.

  2. Is it possible that she has a bandage/support/walking-cast on the one foot??
    BTW; It wasn’t Obama who passed the edict about bathrooms. That was done on a much smaller(minded), State level. 🙁

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