Guaranteed Non-PC: ‘The American Hymn’

I’m old enough to remember learning this in school–The American Hymn, composed in 1866 by Matthias Keller.

I couldn’t find a video featuring both music and lyrics. Why do you suppose that might be? But the opening words are, “Speed our republic, O Father on high.”

Personally, although I love my country, I love it more for what it ought to be, than for what it is. What it is becoming, I detest.

But today is Independence Day, a day commemorating the brightest of hopes founded on trust in God Almighty.

Let us declare our independence, and win it, from the Godless socialist moral imbeciles who lord it over us today.

P.S.: Here are the complete lyrics

One comment on “Guaranteed Non-PC: ‘The American Hymn’”

  1. Very nice. Thank you, Lee. Yes, I, too, love the country we were meant to be – even what we once were, but now… not so much.

    Unfortunately, today’ young people will never know. Furthermore, they don’t seem to care. And they don’t even knw who we gained our independence from. One of those ‘man on he street’ interviews proved that point the other day. Asking a number of young people that very question elicited some very telling responses: Russia, China, France, The South . . .

    We’re done. Stick a fork in us.

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