Video Treat: Cats Loving Babies

It’s hard to remember being a baby. I can’t do it. But I think I could, if I’d had a cat to cuddle me. I’ll bet that does wonders for the baby’s development.

Just be sure the cat understands she or he is to be gentle with the baby, before you leave the two of them alone together.

A lot of the babies in this video are laughing merrily as they play with the cat. I would love the see what the bond between the baby and the cat is like, five or six years down the road.

2 comments on “Video Treat: Cats Loving Babies

  1. These are very cute, but much as I love cats, I don’t think I would ever have let them be this close to my infants. Maybe I’m just a nervous nellie,
    but that’s just me.
    Actually, I do remember back to when I was a baby in the little crib my daddy made. Only a few incidents, but they are etched on my mind.

  2. This is absolutely adorable. We all grew up with animals and so did our children. Our granddaughter (not quite 2 years old) has a cat and a dog and both are very protective of her and have been since she was an infant. I do think they’re wonderful for a child’s development and sense of trust and closeness – not to mention playtime 🙂

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