The Bad Guys Win Again

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Think there might be a fire here?

Well, waddaya know? One little secret meeting between Loretta Lunch and Honest Bill, and the whole indictment looming over Hillary Clinton  vanishes as if by magic. Abracadabra!

It is said that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Bill and Hillary have brewed up more smoke than an oil refinery fire. You could go on a game show and win lots of money, if you could name all the various Clinton scandals. They stretch back into the 1970s. Whitewater. The commodities futures. Web Hubbell. Gennifer Flowers. Vince Foster. Travelgate. Monica Lewinski. Benghazi. Underage Sex-Slave Island. And so on. I don’t have space to list them all.

And so, once again, our justice system fails and Hillary Clinton skates lightly across a chasm of crime that would’ve swallowed anybody else alive.

Worse, far worse–millions of Americans rejoice that she’s beaten the system again, and can’t wait to reward her with the presidency. “I’m with her!” the slogan goes. Watch out what you wish for.

God is angry with America–with our ingratitude, our sloth, and our rebellion against His word. That’s why He has raised up these vile immoral persons to be our leaders. That’s why He permits them to debase, humiliate, and destroy our country.

We are going to keep on getting such “leaders” until they finally either wipe us out or drive us straight into our Father’s outstretched arms.

But boy, do we take a lot of driving!

4 comments on “The Bad Guys Win Again

  1. You got that right. I often hear people criticize the Jews for their various rebellions and idolatry. That is justified, however, get a big mirror and have a look. It will make your blood curdle. I was reading in Isaiah yesterday where it says “…and yet His hand of correction is upraised…”

  2. Amen, Lee! Amen, Erlene!

    This nation has become the habitation of demons and disgusting birds (Phoenix, anyone?)

    Erlene, you’re so right. Every time I read a scripture pointing to a failure of man – for instance, all the attempts by the Pharisees and Scribes to trip Jesus up, and to unlawfully convict Him – the Only Perfect, it’s tempting to think ‘Oh, I would never do such a thing’. Thank God we have The Holy Spirit to convict us before we fall into that trap.

  3. I saw this on Facebook: a picture of a senator or somebody, with a caption that read: ‘Yes, Hillary’s guilty as sin. But I don’t want to die suddenly and mysteriously.’
    Ever read a list of all the people around the Clintons who have oh-so-conviently died? It’s mind boggling.

    But yeah, I think the Clintons are extremely powerful, in a very scary way. They know how to get what they want, when they want it, and they’ll murder and/or blackmail anyone who stands in their way.

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