Now Yuo Can Bee Smart Like Me!!

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Well ha-ha-ha the Vast Rihgjt Wing Cansperacy thay got it in the juggler vane agan! and Hillery she got of Scot “free” and now She wil be Pressadint!

And now al yiu ordrinary dum peple “you” got a chance to be Smart jist like us Interllecturals hear at Collidge. That dont meen yiu wil be reely smart Like us but at leest yiu wil not look So dum! Al yiu got to doo is do like Us and Vote for Hillery!

Yes that is what all Us Smart Peple we “are” gonna doo! And you can be One of Us, wel almost, yiu cant reely bee Smart unles you going to Collidge so if yuo Are “not” all reddy in Collidge yiu beter try to get in and thats a nother reesin yiu shuld ouhgjt to Vote for Hillery becose she  Will “make” Free Tution! so that every boddy thay can go to Collidge. Eccept for them stopid christins thay dont belong In Collidge thay is jist two stopid.

Reely we shuld make It “aginst the” Law to not Vote for Hillery after al she is a Wimmim and its tyme We had a Wimmin Pressadint and dum peple who dont Vote for Her thay shuld al go to jale! Maybe after She gets Eleckted al them biggits who didnt Vote for Her she can put them al in Jale and “That” wuld surve them Rite!!! So you beter Doo the Smart Thing now and Vote for Hillery or elsse!

4 comments on “Now Yuo Can Bee Smart Like Me!!

  1. Very scary to think about. If we are ever to elect a woman president, please not this one. There may be worthy candidates out there, but NOT

  2. Yeah, sure Joe. It doesn’t matter that Hil-liary is a lyin’ crooked criminal. Mostly that’s what occupies the White House these days anyway. Oh, and let’s not forget that concussion she had awhile back. Could still be remnants of that floating around. The thought of her becoming president is the stuff of night terrors!

    1. Now seee, this is wyh yiu cant be no Interllectural becose yuo dont unnerstand its onely a lye iff yiu say somthine like Thare isnt no Climbit Change or A Trans wimmin she not reely a wimmin otherwhys it Is “the” truthe!!! Iff Hillery she says itt that “makes it the” truthe! But yiu has got to go to Collidge to larn that!

    2. Yep. She’s a trans-sumthin’ alright. Do you think there will be enough ‘safe spaces’ for the rest of us if she wins?

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