Video Treat: Death-Defying Cats

Well, now I think I know why they call cat burglars cat burglars.

But please do not try to imitate these cats. They are crazy.

3 comments on “Video Treat: Death-Defying Cats

  1. WOW! Super extraordinary! I have never seen anything like this before.
    They sure make pikers of all the “ninja warriors” and other athletic people.

    1. When my two cats were little kittens, they used to get up on top of the refrigerator–and don’t ask me how! Peep got inside the bag which held my ice-cream making machine in its box, and brought the whole thing down to the floor with a horrific crash. We were sure she’d crushed herself, but she was completely unscathed. My ice cream machine was ruined, though. A great pity–I made the best sorbet and sherbet that anybody ever tasted.

  2. Fantastic! Aren’t you just a teeny bit jealous? 🙂 Cat burglars indeed! One of my cats used to jump up on top of the refrigerator, too. I stood there and watched him and still couldn’t imagine it.

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