Pressadint of the Hole World!!!

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Wow we has got a new politickle moovemint hear at the Collidge and it is boned to suckseed! becose all the Interllecturals in the World thay going to bee behinde it.

Hear it is, Pressadint Obomma he shuld be maid Pressadint of the Hole World!!!

It is a tradegy that he not bean Pressadint of Americka no more but thats OK becose Then Hillery she wil have her Chance! It wuld bee even Better “thuojht iff” he becom Pressadint of Evrything!!!

My prefesser “he” is goinge to rite to The Hufington Poest and tel “them” Al Abuot it and he sayed This “wil get the” Ball reely Rolling! I am so exsighted its got My Moth Antenners spining aruond on my four head! Like is “this” the Best Thing Ever or watt???

Al we Got to doo is take This hear praposle rihgjt up to The Supream Cort and they Wil rule “that” Pressadint Obomma he is Nowe “the” Pressadint of al The cuntries al At Once!!!! and thare arent nothing that nobody thay cant doo Abuot it!! and aslo that Way we aslo gets to have World Guvermint too!!

So whatch the Nooze and “yiu” wil seee somthing Wonderfle hapen rihgjt befour Yuor “very” ayes!!!

2 comments on “Pressadint of the Hole World!!!

  1. Iffen you axe me, dat is eggzaxly wot Massa’ Obummer iz plannin’ ta due .. ceptin’ he calls da job, “Kaleff” of duh hole Isslamick wurld, ‘cuz he iss a deevowt mooslime.

  2. You could be on to sumthin’ Joe Collidge. I heerd tell he wants to suck seed the current secketery genral of the united nashuns.

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