Grudge Match: Cats vs. Printers

I have a theory about what happened to the lost Indus Valley civilization. Cats did it. They thought it was a lot of printers.

I don’t know why I laugh at this video. I wouldn’t be laughing if it was my printer. Happily, neither of our cats has ever shown the slightest interest in it. They must be eccentric.

3 comments on “Grudge Match: Cats vs. Printers

  1. Some of those printers made very strange noises. I’m surprised the cats wanted anything to do with them. But, after all, they’re very curious and smart. Maybe they were just trying to discover how printers work – in case they need to know someday. 🙂

  2. The second cat reminded me of Carl Sandburg’s poem, “The fog .. comes on little cat feet, sits silently on its haunches and then moves on ” This cat seemed to say that the printer might be interesting to some, but I’ll pass. LOL.

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