A Bit of My Childhood Restored

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Many months ago I posted a little essay about this picture–Swan Lake, by Muller-Kurzwelly–that used to hang in our living room when I was a boy, and how I loved to look at it and imagine myself going to that place.

A very nice reader and her mother stumbled over my blog piece and realized they had that very picture in storage, and decided they wished me to have it.

The picture arrived this morning and now hangs on our living room wall.

Thank you, Chrissy, thank you, Dot, for giving me something that I never thought I’d see again.

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  1. Brace yourself: The actual original went up for auction last year (April ’18) at an auction house in Paris. The reserve was set at something like $1200 in euros, but did not sell. (It sold at least once previously in 2004, in Montreal, for about a fourth as much, and had I known of it I would have snapped it up.) The original is considerably smaller than most of its prints, about 12″ tall, and I believe its correct title is “Swans Along the River at Sunset”. I too grew up with a copy on our living room wall.

    1. Twelve inches tall? Well, who would’ve thought it? The reproductions I’ve seen are all quite large.

      Well, Walt, welcome to the club of people who grew up with this painting on the living room wall. We loved it!

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