Yes, ‘This Is My Father’s World’

This wonderful, lovely, traditional hymn–here sung by Alli Rogers–contains a thought for the day. Or any day, for that matter:

This is my Father’s world./ O let me ne’er forget/ that though the wrong seems oft so strong,/ God is the ruler yet.

He does let the wicked grow very tall and proud before He cuts them down.


2 comments on “Yes, ‘This Is My Father’s World’

  1. This is an awesome hymn, a great reminder which we, in this era, need so badly. If this were not true, it would be time for despair. He is still God, still on the throne, and ultimately, HE WILL take His authority over all this mess and set all things right.

  2. Amen, Erlene! And the way things are going in this fallen world, it may be sooner than many people think.

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