The Official Wacko Party Platform

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Beware the liberals bearing gifts

In addition to nominating for president a notoriously corrupt and wicked individual, the Democrat Party has also adopted a most extraordinary platform. It is extraordinary for its sheer outlandish foolishness. I don’t know how to link to the PDF document itself, but here is one of several sites that contain such a link ( ). So you don’t have to take my word for any of this: you can easily read it yourself–if you’ve got the stomach for it.

Among many inanities the platform lays out a national economic policy to be adopted by Careless Clinton if she gets elected. Even this section is too turgid to quote in its entirety; but here are some of the things they say they want to do.

–“Rein in the corporations” (except for those that make sizeable donations to the Clinton Foundation)

–Raise “the workers'” wages by order of the federal government, which sounds like something usually done only in countries that had names like Such-and-Such-Peoples Democratic Republic, etc.

–Force “the corporations” to share profits with their employees (the document always says “workers,” but I can only type that out so often before it makes me gag)

–Impose all kinds of environmental restrictions on business

–Compel businesses to provide expanded benefits to all employees

And then, having done all that–wait for it!–they propose… “to create well-paying jobs” all around the country.

Uh, who is going to offer these good jobs, once they’ve finished gutting business and making it virtually impossible to turn a profit?

I have been in business, and here is one thing that everyone ought to understand: if you don’t make a profit, you don’t have a business. As a rule of thumb, in order to keep any kind of business healthy, you have to be able to sell a good or a service for twice what you paid for it. Otherwise, it’s belly-up.

Obviously career politicians who have never owned a business, or ever worked for one, don’t know this. Or simply don’t care.

What do you get when you combine dishonesty, vast corruption, hypocrisy, empty promises, and just plain wacko ideology?

I hope we don’t find out.

7 comments on “The Official Wacko Party Platform

  1. Love this post. Of course she wouldn’t reign in the large corporations who make generous donations to her foundation. (We all know this because her and Bill never met a donor they didn’t like. Ask the Saudis and all the other nations that suppress women rights and deny basic human rights to many of its people).

    Hillary never created a job. She supported Bill during the Nafta signing which exported our jobs.

    Unfortunately, with Liberal medias biased support and Liberal professors tainting the minds of future generations, her coronation is a certainty.

  2. Right on, both of you. This person and her followers live in a pink cloud,
    puffy smoke dream world where things happen by magic, not planning and hard work. I, too, have owned a business and brokered business for another owner, and it is far from dreamy- it is down-to-earth daily effort, usually with nobody to give a hoot beyond what they can milk it for.

  3. Politicians have no idea what work is, much less creating jobs they actually have to pay salaries for. They’re all very busy fund-raising, milking and bilking the public, lying to the sheeple and serving their own interests, as well as the interests of those they serve (Satan, for instance).

  4. Did you notice, when Hillary (mistakenly?) said she was going to raise taxes on the middle class, the dumbed-downs cheered and applauded? It is embarrassing to watch these totally clueless idiots fawning over the most evil, corrupt lying POS on the planet.

    The establishment’s wholly-owned media are airing 24/7 disinformation about Trump, the polls and how dispirited his followers are in preparation for the coming widespread ELECTION FRAUD. Poll watchers will be unable to detect this fraud, since It will be accomplished via the GEMS fractional vote count software, which can be manipulated remotely. And the ignorant public will buy Hillary’s only accomplishment: THE BIG LIE..

    1. I could hardly believe my ears when Ol’ Careless said she planned to tax what’s left of our middle class. But then she has a habit of letting secrets slip out.
      It reminds me of stupid Mondale’s promise to raise taxes.
      Mondale carried only one state out of 50. Or is it 57?

  5. It’s gotta’ be 57 .. ‘cuz Obozo the Clown said so. He was actually referring to the 57 states of Islam. He is quite knowledgeable about all things Islamic. Instead of attending classes at Columbia University, as he claims, he was actually in Pakistan (or in Obama-speak, Paaahkeestaaahn) working with the Mujahideen trafficking drugs for arms. This has been proved, but who cares? We’re supposed to believe every lie coming from the usurper’s mouth, aren’t we?.

    1. Indeed, Goldbug. And the liar-in-chief cares not who believes him or doesn’t. He doesn’t even care that we know he’s lying. Leaves little doubt who his master is.

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