Kissing Your Kitty to Sleep

Gotta do something to kick-start this blog today–hardly anybody here.

So how about an early cat video? Do you ever do this–kiss a kitten to sleep? It’sOK to kiss grown-up cats, too.

Interesting Medical Fact: According to a poster on display at my doctor’s office, babies who are cuddled by dogs or cats develop measurably stronger immune systems than babies who aren’t.

So there you have it–cats and dogs are good for you! And a whale of a lot more fun than eating salad or doing calisthenics.

3 comments on “Kissing Your Kitty to Sleep

  1. Awwww – very sweet 🙂 Sure wish I’d taken videos of some of my kitties doing fun things. One of my cats (I rescued him from near starvation when he was only about 1 month old). Since he didn’t have the opportunity to nurse much, he had a habit of putting his paws around my neck on my shoulders and would put himself to sleep ‘nursing’ on my ear – even after he was all grown up.

    1. Robbie likes to do “happy cat” ecstatic kneading in the air, as kittens do when nursing. Peep is content to thoroughly lick Patty’s face or my arm. I don’t know why she never licks my face. The beard, maybe?

    2. Sounds like a reasonable guess. Beards are different than fur or hair – not as soft.

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