Erasing History, Creating Idiots

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History is the collective memory of the human race, everything that has happened, good and bad. Without it we are condemned to perpetual childhood, or even amnesia.

Now morons at Wisconsin University have removed two historical paintings because they could be “potentially traumatic” to some students and make others “feel bad” ( ).

One painting depicts French fur traders peacefully trading with the Indians. The other memorializes the first fort erected in Wisconsin, just sort of sitting there. No violence. But still potentially traumatic, as in doing serious and lasting psychological harm. We know that because the college’s Diversity Leadership Team has told us so.

Another thing we know is that the college has way, way, way too much money; otherwise it couldn’t afford a Diversity Leadership Team. Or else they’d have to cut medical services, food service,  electricity use or some other trivial thing so they could keep their Diversity Leadership Team.

Go ahead, anyone–I dare you. Tell me how **** like this is in any conceivable way good for America. I triple-dog dare you to try.

I suppose this is only what’s to be expected when children are warehoused in day care centers, then schools, and never allowed any unstructured play, never allowed to make any kind of decision, never called upon to compromise and make deals with other children so that play becomes possible, told “Good job!” whenever they break wind, and given trophies and medals just for showing up. College just finishes the job, rendering them utterly useless for any constructive purpose, turning them into imbeciles who will collapse into fetal position the moment they see or hear or read or imagine anything that diverges even a hair’s breadth from whatever it is they think they want–if we can actually use the word “think” in this context.

Christians who love and respect their children, and want the best for them, do them no favor by sending them to college.

7 comments on “Erasing History, Creating Idiots

  1. What will these university “students” (and I use that term lightly) going to do when they leave their safety bubble and go into the real world where no one cares about their feelings? They are creating some very dysfunctional, emotionally unstable people who will not be able to cope with the real world.

  2. We are seeing the results of 100 years of progressive decline of regard for truth, responsibility and every other commendable trait a human being can possess. I am re-reading the old book “None Dare Call it Treason” and it is plain to see where this decline originated (at least, in our culture- if you can call it that). One who is old enough remembers a great deal of this, and we can see where the mind set has brought us; round and round in circles, becoming more destructive all the time.

  3. Just watch some of the “man on the street” interviews with college students; they are ignorant, if not downright stupid. After they graduate and go into the “real world,” if they are “treated badly,” they will spend the next 20 years litigating their hurt feelings lawsuits. Sadly, it isn’t just college students. Have you seen some of Mark Dice’s videos, one in which several ADULTS signed a petition to put Karl Marx on the ballot for this year’s presidential election? How embarrassing that the entire world can now see how our country has deteriorated.

    1. Yes, I posted that particular interview right here. Marx was–accurately, you might say–described as “President Obama’s chief economics adviser.”

    2. Dice also had one recently on a college campus asking for donations to fund Hamas. These dummies were giving him money!

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