Are We Losing Our Patience?

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In a survey of 2,000 adults in Britain, the Bic company found that most people nowadays quickly run out of patience if forced to wait for something (

People reported themselves “frustrated” if a webpage takes 16 second to load, or a traffic signal takes 25 seconds to change–and only 22 seconds to start cursing their computer or TV “if a show or movie doesn’t immediately start streaming correctly.” Seventy-five percent of those surveyed blamed “digital technology” for their loss of patience.

I don’t have a lot of digital doodads, but I can certainly admit that my computer often drives me crazy. If computers were human employees, they’d be fired. If a computer can’t drive you up the wall, what can?

The survey didn’t get into this, but I think that chronic impatience, if it’s truly on the rise, has a lot to do with children being praised and rewarded for even the most minuscule achievements, given trophies just for showing up, given high school and college diplomas without having learned anything, and generally being hailed and lauded just for existing–and all the while being made to wait and wait and wait some more, being ignored, being treated as irritating nobodies instead of valued customers, etc. Workmen who show up late or not at all, inferior slop served up by our “entertainment” media as if we deserved nothing better, politicians calling us racists, self-proclaimed intellectuals calling us dopes–there’s a lot of insult out there, more than enough to go around. Selfishness seems to be winning out over good manners.

It’s what we get for permitting the coarsening of our culture.

Why Is Everyone So Angry?

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Last week it was a chair-throwing brawl aboard a luxury cruise ship. This weekend, someone shot up the California Garlic Festival.

Why are so many people so angry?

Well, what happens when you enjoy a lifetime of praise and pampering, and then have to go out into the real world where no one takes you seriously and no one thinks you’re the cat’s meow? If you’re coming from a background of participation trophies, “Good job!”, everybody gets a diploma just for showing up, and extravagant praise for even the most miniscule achievements, real life might be shocking enough to make you angry. As in, “How dare they! Don’t they know who I am?”

Well, they don’t know and they don’t care. Grrrrr!

Kids used to have plenty of ordinary competition. It was called “playing.” If you were good at a game, you usually won. But no matter how good you were, sometimes you lost. It’s a normal part of life. Indeed, it’s very hard to learn anything, very hard to grow, if you never have to deal with failure.

But what if you never had any competition? What if your parents and your teachers spent your whole childhood telling you how fantastic you are?

And meanwhile you watch the nooze, you know what people do if anyone gets in their way, if anyone gets between them and what they want… You can see it a dozen times a day if you want to. Perpetual protest. Antifa riots. “Racist, racist! Biggit, biggit!” Senators throwing tantrums.

The anger feeds on itself. The more you see other people blowing their stacks, the more apt you’ll be to blow yours. That’s why manners were invented! But it’s just not cool anymore to have good manners. That’s no way to become a Youtube phenomenon.

I keep telling them, and they keep not listening, that you can’t just kill the culture without the culture killing you back. Honest.

Poor Beto!

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The latest Beto rally

I hope the Democrats will be giving out participation trophies and “Good Job!” refrigerator magnets to the crowd of nimrods seeking their 2020 presidential nomination.

Francis O’Rourke, alias “Beto,” has racked up a cool 0 %–that’s Zero Percent–in a St. Anselm College poll ( His fund-raising is also way down, but the St. Anselm poll is important because it’s in New Hampshire and that’s where the Democrat primary begins.

Zip, zero, nada–it’s as close to jolly unanimous as it’s possible to be. And this on the heels of him giving a positively endearing speech on what a no-good stinkin’ lousy country America is, built entirely on slavery and Jim Crow… two institutions which his political party energetically defended. I mean, you’d think that’d have voters swarming onto his bandwagon. “Right, dig it, America sucks!”

(The president’s right. If they hate it so much, they should leave. Prominent liberal jidrools are always threatening to do that, but of course they’re all still here. Libs just never tell the truth.)

At this point we wonder if Beto’s own mother has any plans to vote for him.

She’s the one with the fake nose and glasses.

I Has winned A Trofy!!!

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Al i hadd to “do” was Say i Self Idennifyed as a Wimmin and than alll of us whoo was “in it” we hadd to make a Litle Tallk abote wye Socile Jutstus it is so goood and stand aruond In “our” Undies and i sayed Socile Jutstus it is So Good “becose” it is Just!!” and waive my Moth Antenners aroned and this hear Otther Wimmin she sayed “Anny Boddy waht dont like” Socile Jutstus thay is Enemay of the Peple and thay shuld “get Beet Up reel bad” and i whas affrayed she was gointo Whin but gess waaht??? Wee al wone!!

Yes we al wone “And” we al getted trofeys!! and The Padgient it razed lots of dolars tooo, we razed enuhgh to by Plasstick Hand Cuphs and aslo “a” peece of Rubbre Hoze for the Micro Agrecian Rabid Responts Teem!!! Neckts Time somboddy thay says Somthing Racist or Sexist or Hatfull thay “whil” get it but Good!!

Now that I amb Mizz Fimbo Collidge i amb whel on “my whey” to being “A” reel wimmin so i gess al Them Moth Hoarmoans thay are helping “After” alll!!!

Erasing History, Creating Idiots

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History is the collective memory of the human race, everything that has happened, good and bad. Without it we are condemned to perpetual childhood, or even amnesia.

Now morons at Wisconsin University have removed two historical paintings because they could be “potentially traumatic” to some students and make others “feel bad” ( ).

One painting depicts French fur traders peacefully trading with the Indians. The other memorializes the first fort erected in Wisconsin, just sort of sitting there. No violence. But still potentially traumatic, as in doing serious and lasting psychological harm. We know that because the college’s Diversity Leadership Team has told us so.

Another thing we know is that the college has way, way, way too much money; otherwise it couldn’t afford a Diversity Leadership Team. Or else they’d have to cut medical services, food service,  electricity use or some other trivial thing so they could keep their Diversity Leadership Team.

Go ahead, anyone–I dare you. Tell me how **** like this is in any conceivable way good for America. I triple-dog dare you to try.

I suppose this is only what’s to be expected when children are warehoused in day care centers, then schools, and never allowed any unstructured play, never allowed to make any kind of decision, never called upon to compromise and make deals with other children so that play becomes possible, told “Good job!” whenever they break wind, and given trophies and medals just for showing up. College just finishes the job, rendering them utterly useless for any constructive purpose, turning them into imbeciles who will collapse into fetal position the moment they see or hear or read or imagine anything that diverges even a hair’s breadth from whatever it is they think they want–if we can actually use the word “think” in this context.

Christians who love and respect their children, and want the best for them, do them no favor by sending them to college.