Britain’s New Breed of Girly Men

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UK feminists are turning cartwheels over the publication of a new book, by a man, calling for an end to “toxic masculinity” and proudly proclaiming, “We don’t need to be the men our grandfathers were” ( ).

It doesn’t look like there’s really any chance of that happening.

Yes, says the boob, it’s time for men to become… well, women. Oh, not real women. Caricatures of women, even as so many feminists are caricatures of men. No wonder the transgender mob is so enthused about this book.

Well, Britain, God help you if you ever need some of those men like your grandfathers–or some of those women like your grandmothers, for that matter. If Hitler had faced your Britain instead of your grandfathers’ Britain, he would have conquered it in a matter of days–probably just by scowling at you.

If you’ve been wondering what’s wrong with Britain anymore, I suspect this guy’s book will make it plain to you.

(Thanks to Goldbug for the news tip)

2 comments on “Britain’s New Breed of Girly Men

  1. More useless idiots. My grandparents taught me much and I’m so thankful to have had them. I fear that we’ve seen the last of people like that for the foreseeable future. These ninnies will see to that.

    Goldbug, we seem to frequent many of he same websites 🙂 I read fellowshipoftheminds too.

  2. Funny; I was just mulling over in my mind about the many camera shots on TV of sports figures, etc. everywhere that there are “men” , how they are doing so much hugging and clinging to one another, and thinking, this is not the way it was when I was young. My dad and uncles would have died before doing such things. In fact, women were not too big on this, either.
    Now, it is all you see’ grownups behaving like children, and retarded ones at that. Personally, I prefer men who act like men and women who act like women with a little grace and dignity.

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