Video Treat: Cats & Dogs & Cars

Every cat I’ve ever had has absolutely hated riding in a car. They suspected they were being taken to the vet, and they were always right. The cats in this video hate it, too.

Dogs seem to love it.

I have to say that of all the pets I’ve ever had, the best-behaved in a car were my two rats. Either one would just sit quietly on my shoulder and let the scenery go by.

P.S.–I strongly advise anyone not to let cats ride loose in the car, in case you have to stop suddenly. Use a cat carrier.

One comment on “Video Treat: Cats & Dogs & Cars”

  1. A couple of those kitties were very unhappy with the whole business, but the ones chasing the windshield wipers were a little better off 🙂

    The flapping jowls on some of the dogs is hilarious!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that a cat carrier is the best bet for transporting cats, even if you don’t have to stop suddenly. They could escape – even if you think you have a good grip on them. Everything works on a cat all at once!

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