Do Libs Love America?

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I really love Sherlock Holmes stories, but I wish I could rewrite them, because they need some big changes.

First I’d drop that Watson character like a hot potato, and then I’d drop that whole 221B Baker Street, London, England, foggy streets etc. I would shift the setting from Victorian England to… yes! modern-day state of Chiapas, Mexico. And that detective business has got to go, too. Who wants to read about all that crime? Instead of a detective, I would make Holmes a peaceful Mexican peasant, and the stories would be about how hard he has to work to grow his crops. And for that matter I’d change his name, too: who ever heard of a Mexican peasant named Sherlock Holmes? From now on, his name will be Jose Santiago Olmos…

Now does that sound like I really love Sherlock Holmes?

Actually, it sounds like liberals spouting their alleged love for America.

If you love your country, you’re not always trying to impose drastic changes on every facet of its culture, politics, and economy: why would you want to radically change something that you love? It would be like turning Sherlock Holmes into a Mexican peasant. And if you love your country, you certainly don’t waste half your breath denouncing it as a racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, Planet-destroying hell-hole.

No, it simply isn’t honest, when Democrats and other liberals let on that they love America.

No kind of love can account for the things they say and do; but hate and detestation can.

6 comments on “Do Libs Love America?

  1. I am always blown away by people who so despise this nation. I wonder; have they been to a lot of other countries? Have they stayed there long enough, done enough research to really know what those other countries are about? Where on this earth is the “perfect” place in their eyes? If one is looking for perfection, forget it. Not on this planet. When my sons were kids and complained about something being unfair, I always told them; in this life, fairness does not exist so get over it and live your life the best you can, do what is right and forget “fair”. Nobody seems to understand that if things don’t go the way they want it, something is wrong, it is unfair and they want to have a tantrum. There is a great need for people to just grow up, get over themselves and try to make something of themselves.

  2. The proper term is Oikophobia, fear and hatred of one’s own culture and people. As Erlene pointed out, they have no point of reference. Many have never been to any other country, hint: those countries have problems too. As much as they claim to loath America, they never leave. That speaks for itself.

    1. We don’t see them making tracks for Venezuela, do we?
      And Michael Moore, when he needed a hospital, didn’t go to Cuba after all.
      Hypocrites, every last one of them.

  3. Rather reminds me of the couple who gets married and promptly try desperately to change each other. Hmmm . . .

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