Do Libs Love America?

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I really love Sherlock Holmes stories, but I wish I could rewrite them, because they need some big changes.

First I’d drop that Watson character like a hot potato, and then I’d drop that whole 221B Baker Street, London, England, foggy streets etc. I would shift the setting from Victorian England to… yes! modern-day state of Chiapas, Mexico. And that detective business has got to go, too. Who wants to read about all that crime? Instead of a detective, I would make Holmes a peaceful Mexican peasant, and the stories would be about how hard he has to work to grow his crops. And for that matter I’d change his name, too: who ever heard of a Mexican peasant named Sherlock Holmes? From now on, his name will be Jose Santiago Olmos…

Now does that sound like I really love Sherlock Holmes?

Actually, it sounds like liberals spouting their alleged love for America.

If you love your country, you’re not always trying to impose drastic changes on every facet of its culture, politics, and economy: why would you want to radically change something that you love? It would be like turning Sherlock Holmes into a Mexican peasant. And if you love your country, you certainly don’t waste half your breath denouncing it as a racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, Planet-destroying hell-hole.

No, it simply isn’t honest, when Democrats and other liberals let on that they love America.

No kind of love can account for the things they say and do; but hate and detestation can.

‘The Most Unapologetically Black’ Team Ever (?)

I don’t pay much attention to sports anymore. It’s all so silly.

But it doesn’t get much sillier than this: the Huffington Post–or rather, one Erick Fernandez, a New York liberal who writes for HuffPo–celebrating the  Carolina Panthers as “the most unapologetically black” team in football history ( ).

What does that mean? Search me. I read the stupid article. It seemed to be about busting stereotypes by behaving in ways that Mr. Fernandez calls “black,” as opposed to “white.” The players he talks to seem rather more well-grounded than Mr. Fernandez himself. He goes on and on and on about how he thinks black quarterbacks ought to act. He also gets excited about the Latino coach who knows how to get the most out of his black players.

I need some fresh air.

Is it just me, or are liberals pathologically hung up on this race thing? Can they see past someone’s skin color, or is that really all they ever see?

That’s really all they ever see.

It’s no wonder that such loopy people make such loopy public policies. May God protect us from them.

No Time Off for Tone-Deaf Libs

Hey, wake up! Donald Trump’s a racist! Racist! Racist!

While we’re enjoying Christmas music, libs are still out there being… well, libs. I dunno, maybe they take Darwin’s birthday off.

A publicist has invited me, in my capacity as contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, an international Christian ministry, to review “a children’s book for grownups” in which Donald Trump is “lampooned” by the author, who is–what else?–a collidge prefesser.

Wow! She exposes Trump as a racist! Took me completely by surprise–I mean, who would ever expect a lib to call somebody a racist? Betcha Trump is a Climbit Change denier, too.

Once again we are treated to an exhibition of how utterly lacking libs are in self-awareness, having no clue as to how discordantly their message clangs in normal people’s ears. And anyone who’s not aboard their bandwagon is a racist.

But enough of them. Let’s get back to Christmas.

My Poetical Slip is Showing

[One of my hopeless competitors–T.S. Eliot]

I must admit to a poetical streak in my nature. I can hold it back no longer. As if struck by lightning, the following two poems occurred to me.

After decades of national trauma,

Brought on by two terms of Obama,

America rose

On the tips of her toes,

And canceled the liberal Drama.

Pretty cool, eh? Eat your heart out, T.S. Eliot. And then there’s this:

Progressives found some dynamite,

Couldn’t understand it quite.

Unbridled hubris never pays:

It rained libs for seven days.

Now if that doesn’t get you, what will? All I gotta do now is wait for that call from the Pulitzer Prize Committee.

New Words for Liberals

We need some new words in the English language, to describe personality types and behaviors which we run into all the time since the invention of the Internet. Most of this stuff is displayed by our friends on the left side of the socio-political spectrum, but I can’t help that.

I don’t know what the new words ought to be, but here are the definitions that we need them for.

1. Visiting a website with an obviously conservative slant, gratuitously insulting the owner and his readers, and then crying “foul!” if the owner responds in kind. It’s sort of the cyber equivalent of entering someone’s living room, peeing on the furniture, and getting all wounded and cheesed off when they call you a slob.

2. Saying asinine things that are effortlessly demonstrated to be completely untrue, and becoming furious with people who don’t believe you. Like insisting that 2015 is having an incredibly warm winter, and then throwing a tantrum at people who can’t open their front doors because of all the snow piled up against them.

3. The bizarre lefty habit of flying into a rage at even the most insignificant and ineffective opposition, and being utterly unable to be at peace until that tiny bit of opposition is crushed.

4. Railing interminably against God, spewing venom against Him, while all the time asserting He does not exist.

5. Rigorously taking away other people’s choices while presenting oneself as “democratic” and committed to “diversity,” all the while trying to wipe out diversity.

Well, okay, you get the idea. It’d be nice if we could just say, “So-and-so is glumping again,” and everybody would know that So-and-so was up there storming and fuming because he declared “scientists are above ideology” and nobody believed him.

Surely our American English is equal to the challenge.