Will America’s Immorality Implode?

Rush Limbaugh yesterday said something that set my wheels spinning. Asked by a caller if “it’s time to panic,” Rush said no, not yet–and went on to say that the biggest factor in America’s sorry condition is “immorality” ( http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/08/17/is_it_time_to_panic_rush ).

Immorality, he said–and he’s right, you know–has become a ticket to fame and fortune in America (and throughout the Western world, I would add). Things that were considered wicked and disgusting quickly become mainstream, or even celebrated.

Rush said he thought this immorality would eventually implode upon itself, backfire on its sponsors (guess who they are), and destroy itself. I wanted to hear why he thought that would happen, but he only said, by way of an example, that Ronald Reagan firmly believed that no system as immoral as Soviet communism could survive for very long. Indeed, Reagan himself lived longer than the USSR.

Gay Pride parades, transgender bathrooms, “gender instruction” to little kids in kindergarten, Planned Parenthood killing babies and selling off the parts, in-your-face blasphemy–is it really possible that all this evil stuff might someday just collapse upon itself? That the people, like the Prodigal Son, will come back to their senses, by the grace of God, and reject and cast out the filthiness?

I don’t know.

But I do believe God intervenes in history; that He has raised up these wicked and ungodly, parasitic “leaders” to chastise us, His people, for being indifferent, cold, and ungrateful to Him, and in rebellion against His laws; and that the precise day and hour of the destruction of all this–shall we call it “state-sanctioned immoralism,” or merely the large-scale preaching that good is evil and evil is good?–He has already marked on His calendar.

If He didn’t intervene in history, really, I don’t think we’d be here anymore. We’re that sinful.

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  1. Did Rush ever hear of Sodom and Gomorrah? Did he ever read Genesis 6 and 7? Sure, it imploded onto itself – and God destroyed them!

    1. No one ever said Limbaugh was a Bible scholar, but cut the man some slack–he has started down the right road, at long last. Just a few years ago he was popping his buttons because he had the famous homosexual Elton John perform at his wedding. He doesn’t talk about that anymore.
      I would rejoice if the Holy Spirit ever really grabbed him and made use of him.

    2. And I surely will pray for him and for everyone who needs a touch from God. Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah’s flood are pretty mainstream though. Even atheists and little children know those.

    3. I didn’t mean he doesn’t know those histories. I’m just not sure he’s thought about them, or believes in them.
      I do, and it scares the dickens out of me.

    4. I believe too, and I also believe the signs Jesus told us to watch for are upon us. And I believe that the sheer wickedness that permeates (has even taken over in some cases) governments and peoples the world over will play out. Satan is furious and his followers and minions will do his bidding to the very end. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  2. It will implode alright, and take everything down with it. We have crossed so many lines that by this point, it would take divine intervention to save us.

  3. Have you seen this? Very disturbing!


    A paragraph from the article: “Christians, Jews and Muslims are flocking to the Holy City for a “spiritual gathering” dubbed Amen—A House of Prayer For All Believers. The self-stated goal is to create “a single home for the world’s three major religions to harness the city’s ancient powers to inspire artists, musicians and cultural figures from around the world to redefine their art and traditions and connect amid troubling times.”

    NWO religion? How can people be so fast asleep when we have been warned over and over again in Scripture? That’s rhetorical.

    1. It’s true that the Bible says, “My house shall be a house of prayer for all peoples.” But what is not true is that God’s house shall be used as a place to pray to gods that are no gods.
      This is part of all that “interfaith” booshwa, same as we’ve got in certain churches in my own neighborhood. Glen Beck got behind that program, and his own program went downhill from there.
      This stuff was going on before anybody talked about any New World Order. In fact, it was going on in the Bible, and God didn’t like it! See Ezekiel Chapter 8: the interfaith mob had installed pagan idols right there in the Temple itself. And the women were sitting on the Temple steps, weeping for Tammuz–a Babylonian “god.”
      Syncretism is an old, old sin that has been with us for thousands of years.

  4. One way or another, I believe i will implode. The AIDS epidemic slowed things down a bit, but people are back to taking huge risks and thinking it can’t happen to them. AIDS, perhaps not, but HPV has killed a lot of people too and is rampant in the heterosexual world.

    I once spoke to a man who felt that it was unfair of God to create us with such strong sexual passions and then restrict us in how we expressed them. I could see his point, but I did not agree with his conclusions. The biblical laws regarding morality are not arbitrary restrictions made by our creator. They are laws to protect us from the natural consequences of certain actions.

    For example, in Matthew 19:9 Jesus was answering a question about divorce and finished up by saying: “And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.” If you give this some thought, you can see that Jesus’ words were not intended to restrict us from something good, but instead to protect us from something bad. When one mate seeks a divorce and breaks up the family, this will affect everyone in the family for some time to come. Every family gathering will be affected and grandchildren will never know their grandparents as a couple.

    What may seem like an escape to someone in a troubled marriage could easily turn into a troubling circumstance in the long term. It’s better to value and sanctify marriage than to cast it aside. (I speak from experience, BTW.)

    As I see it, immorality ALWAYS implodes. Sooner or later, it catches up with its practitioners and problems ensue. It’s a natural consequence of a negative behavior.

  5. My response hasn’t changed over the past two years – except to intensify along with the immorality. This society is far from being civilized and it’s doubtful that any of the depravity we see will subside. Come, Lord Jesus! but first gather the lost, the sleeping and the backslidden.

  6. Our Heavenly Father only allows rebellion to go so far, then brings judgment (like the examples cited above). I believe God has a plan for America to be a city set on a hill to the nations because of the covenant the Pilgrims made with Him when they first claimed this land for Christ. What a drama it has been ever since, and continues into our day – our time on the stage of life. We shall be examined for our works at Christ’s judgement seat no matter what happens with America. My advice is Keep The Faith!

    1. With the hubris surrounding sexual practices these days, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear of an epidemic. Actually, to some extent it’s already happening. They are losing the battle against some STDs, including some that were easily defeated with antibiotics in decades past.

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