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Will America’s Immorality Implode?

Rush Limbaugh yesterday said something that set my wheels spinning. Asked by a caller if “it’s time to panic,” Rush said no, not yet–and went on to say that the biggest factor in America’s sorry condition is “immorality” ( http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/08/17/is_it_time_to_panic_rush ).

Immorality, he said–and he’s right, you know–has become a ticket to fame and fortune in America (and throughout the Western world, I would add). Things that were considered wicked and disgusting quickly become mainstream, or even celebrated.

Rush said he thought this immorality would eventually implode upon itself, backfire on its sponsors (guess who they are), and destroy itself. I wanted to hear why he thought that would happen, but he only said, by way of an example, that Ronald Reagan firmly believed that no system as immoral as Soviet communism could survive for very long. Indeed, Reagan himself lived longer than the USSR.

Gay Pride parades, transgender bathrooms, “gender instruction” to little kids in kindergarten, Planned Parenthood killing babies and selling off the parts, in-your-face blasphemy–is it really possible that all this evil stuff might someday just collapse upon itself? That the people, like the Prodigal Son, will come back to their senses, by the grace of God, and reject and cast out the filthiness?

I don’t know.

But I do believe God intervenes in history; that He has raised up these wicked and ungodly, parasitic “leaders” to chastise us, His people, for being indifferent, cold, and ungrateful to Him, and in rebellion against His laws; and that the precise day and hour of the destruction of all this–shall we call it “state-sanctioned immoralism,” or merely the large-scale preaching that good is evil and evil is good?–He has already marked on His calendar.

If He didn’t intervene in history, really, I don’t think we’d be here anymore. We’re that sinful.

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