Sanity Break: Sleepy Peepies

I suspect these cat videos are not exactly boosting my alpha male image; but then I didn’t really need it anyway.

In Tarzan books, animals always wake up instantly, fully alert and ready to fight or flee. These cats need not apply for any jobs in Tarzan books.

Oh, well–happy cuddling.

7 comments on “Sanity Break: Sleepy Peepies

  1. Aren’t they sweet – and sleepy 🙂

    I suspect that if you were concerned about your alpha male image, you wouldn’t have started posting cat videos in the first place. Mr. Nature is unconcerned about image. Besides, all alphas have to have a gentler side or they’re just boorish brutes.

    1. Allow me to confess that I would rather watch cats than football, even if the cats are sleeping. Then again, I’d rather watch ants crawling up and down the sidewalk than football.

      But if it ever came to a choice between football and ballet–well, I’ll just put a paper bag over my head.

    1. They’ve got it made. Having beguiled a credulous humanity into waiting on them hand and foot, they can afford to take it easy.

  2. All good remarks, and the video is g-r-r-eat!. Actually, I prefer the intellectual and compassionate man who serves the Lord to an “alpha”
    any time. One dimensional is always boring.

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