By Request, ‘You Raise Me Up’

I’m not very hip to music, so when Erlene pointed me to Josh Groban, I’d never heard of him, so I went to youtube and found this: You Raise Me Up.

I read the lyrics. I’m not sure that this is a hymn–but it could be. I don’t think God would mind at all if we were to sing this to Him.

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5 responses to “By Request, ‘You Raise Me Up’

  • Erlene

    Thank you for beautiful song. Not a hymn really, but I agree it is as appropriate song to sing to the Lord. It reminds me of the time Peter was invited to come out of the boat and walk on the water with Jesus, and a lot of other thoughts about the way the Lord carries us. I just love this young man’s voice and the music.

  • Linda Sorci

    Another beautiful praise song! I don’t think The Lord minds whether it’s a hymn or a song of praise and worship. He hears. And in this utterly fallen world, the voices calling out to Him are too few. The Psalmists didn’t necessarily sing hymns, but they were praising Him just the same.

  • Linda Sorci

    And I thought I had requested this before so I just did a search. You posted my request this past Christmas 🙂 by Celtic Women

    • leeduigon

      I have no hope at all of remembering everything I post. But it doesn’t seem to bother anyone if I post a hymn more than once.

      • Linda Sorci

        LOL! I wouldn’t have remembered that either if I hadn’t been the one who requested it. And I’ve requested the same hymns/praise songs more than once

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