100% Guaranteed X-ray Glasses!

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Remember these? “See through skin, see through clothes…!” They were one of many truly schlocky items advertised in the back pages of comic books.

Did you ever send away for any of those? My brother and I got these glasses once, and were greatly incensed when they turned out to be just these cardboard things that didn’t do anything at all, let alone see through anybody’s clothes.

I marvel that most of our government’s activities aren’t advertised in the back pages of 1950s comic books.

6 comments on “100% Guaranteed X-ray Glasses!

  1. Hilarious! Sounds like something the government would come up with.
    Did you read about Ga. rep. saying he was concerned about too many
    people going to Guam because it might cause the island to tip over and sink? I thought someone was trying to josh us on that one.

  2. Ha! Like in the movie “A Christmas Story” when little Ralphie sent in for a code decoder.

    I remember as a kid ordering some salve product I saw in the back of my Superman comic book. I planned to sell it door to door and make money to go to summer camp. No one was interested in it so my parents were somehow able to send the product back. The YMCA did offer the selling of caramel-covered peanuts which sold like hot cakes (am I mixing up metaphors again 🙂 ) and I had a great time at camp.

    1. Oh, boy, Cloverine Brand Salve! My folks wouldn’t let me get involved with that. My friend across the street did, and was quite disappointed.

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