Memory Lane: ‘Jim Bowie’

How many of you remember this TV show from the 1950s–The Adventures of Jim Bowie? It ran from 1956-58, and I was a fan. Not so much a fan that I ever would have dared to try to throw a knife so it would stick in the door–my mother would have taken a very dim view of that. But I sure liked that show when I was eight years old.

If you remember nothing else about it, I’ll bet you remember the theme song, by “The King’s Men,” and the kind of haunting background music (harmonious humming, believe it or not) that was a feature of this show. Man, I’ve been whistling that theme song for 60 years!

Of course, we’re not allowed to admire Jim Bowie anymore, the PC police have sternly forbidden it. But I guess we can still hum the theme song as long as no one’s listening.

One comment on “Memory Lane: ‘Jim Bowie’”

  1. Nope, I don’t remember ever seeing that one. Well, what can I say, I was a girl. It sounds like more of a boy’s show.

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