Babies and… Dobermans?

Babies and Dobermans–really? Well, seeing is believing–otherwise I wouldn’t’ve believed it. My wife insists Dobermans are really nice dogs, but I had them as being something more in the nature of Velociraptors.

Anyhow, here’s more proof that dogs and cats are very, very good for babies.

Just like they’re good for us adults.

2 comments on “Babies and… Dobermans?

  1. I wouldn’t have believed it. A neighbor had one a few years ago, and he was unapproachable, angry, agressive, and nasty. Not these guys, though.

  2. It astounds me how cats and dogs seem to know that they have to be gentle with infants and small children. I’m sure that Joe Collidge “”wood” no the aunt sure as too Y.

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