Puppies, Dogs… and Babies

I couldn’t help thinking of my mother as I watched this. If any of the scenes depicted in these videos had ever been enacted in our house, my ma would have absolutely plotzed. No warmups–straight up to the moon!

Baby Walks the Dog

All right, little tiny humans can safely walk little tiny dogs. All the dogs in this video are well-behaved. They don’t take advantage of the toddlers. How much that reflects the realities of life, you be the judge. Just sayin’…

Dogs Walk Human Babies

How do dogs and cats understand that human toddlers are like kittens or puppies, and should be treated accordingly? You’d think a dog on a leash would get excited about something and pull the baby over… but that only happens once in this video.

Priceless! Baby and Bloodhound Duet

Neither of them can sing, but this is a duo made in Heaven. Have you ever seen a cuter baby? Back and forth they go, the baby and the dog. I wonder which one of them will give up first.

A Rather Rude Dog

Rumor has it that dachshunds have been genetically modified to pull your pants off. You know the kinds of stuff the Pentagon gets up to.

So far it works best against babies. If our country ever has to fight an army of babies, we’ll be ready.

Kiddies & Kitties

It seems clear, from scads of video, that dogs and cats understand that human babies are–well, babies–and act accordingly. The same huge Doberman that would send me shinnying up a tree has the baby in stitches.

I don’t know where they got the baby orangutan.

Dogs & Babies: The Whatchamacallit

(Sorry, couldn’t think of a catchy headline.)

Ever since Romulus and Remus were suckled by a wolf, dogs have been taking care of human babies. Think how different it would’ve all turned out, had they been raised by newts.

Dogs Intrigued by Babies

It’s too bad neither the dogs nor the babies can tell us what’s going on in their minds when they meet. Some babies laugh, but some babies cry. I haven’t seen any dogs cry about it; but most of them are older and more experienced than the tiny babies in this video.

Sweet! Bulldogs & Babies

I never saw a real bulldog until I was grown up. I just saw the bulldogs in cartoons, where they always appeared to be ferocious and at least as dangerous as starving alligators. Turns out cartoons aren’t such a good intro to reality.

Oh… what you just heard offstage was my mother plotzing over the baby and the bulldog taking turns chewing on the rubber ball. There are things, Igor, which no human being ought to see…


Pups & Babies

The first pet I ever had that was not a goldfish was a newt. He didn’t do well on the alleged “turtle food” they sold in the pet store.

My doctor says that babies who play with dogs or cats develop stronger immune systems than babies who don’t. I don’t think my poor little newt was up to that.