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Dogs & Babies: the Eruption

I am, of course, referring to an eruption of cuteness, so there is no cause for alarm.

Dogs at the table–my mother would plotz. My grandmother would feed them. Guess which one used to be a farm girl.

The Baby-Sitter Barks

I hope you’re not getting fed up with videos of dogs and cats playing with human babies. I suspect it gives Gov. Northam fits. And when I see the dog happily and thoroughly licking the baby’s face, with the baby sometimes licking back, I can almost hear the various kinds of noises my mother would make if she could see that. But I understand dogs and cats are great for strengthening a baby’s immune system.

Dogs & Babies

Dogs, like cats, seem to understand they have to be gentle with babies. How do they know that? And how do the babies know not to be afraid of dogs? I was afraid of dogs when I was a little boy. But probably I wouldn’t have been, if we’d had a dog in the house when I was a baby.

But if my mother had ever seen the dog cuddling the baby and licking the baby all over–well, that would’ve been the end of that. Unless she fainted first.

Pups & Babies

Here’s a mystery that fascinates me. What actually goes on in the mind of a baby who’s still too young to talk? I mean, they can’t tell us, and yet there’s a complete human brain up there… But it hasn’t yet acquired a vocabulary. How do you think, you can’t talk?

But dogs and cats seem to have a knack for communicating with human babies. Do they have some kind of pre-language communication? Telepathy, maybe?

Pets & Babies Laughing

I can’t say any of my lizards ever laughed, and I had a lot of different kinds of lizards. None of my cats ever laughed, either. But oh, I love the sound of a gull laughing!

And what is it about dogs and cats that send babies into rolls and rolls of merry laughter? Don’t we wish we understood that batter? It may be a treasure just waiting to be unearthed.

And check out the dog who won’t let the toddler open the drawer and play with the cutlery. Extra milk-bones for him!

Cats & Dogs & Babies, Perfect Together

If Tarzan had been raised by cats or dogs rather than by manlike killer apes, he might have turned out a bit cuddlier.

Dig the babies who’ve already figured out how to enlist a dog or cat in a scheme to get rid of unwanted food.

Kooky Kritters

All right, time for a sanity break. Critter video. Cats & dogs & all. With a couple of babies thrown in.

I’ve never seen a dog and a mongoose trying for a meeting of the minds before. And there’s the cat and the baby holding hands. Priceless.

Quick Sanity Break: Dog Cuddles Baby

My head is about to explode from reading news. It’s bad out there. I haven’t the heart to write any more about it.

So let’s have some of God’s stuff instead. Let’s all go softy for a minute.

Dogs & Babies, Part 2

For those of you who couldn’t quite warm up to the dancing spider, here’s something a bit more conventionally fuzzy: dogs and babies.

Please ignore the idiot who tries to make the dog think she’s attacking the baby. The rest of the video is quite wholesome.

Dogs & Babies

I don’t know about you, but I need a sanity break: some reminder that the earth is still the Lord’s.

Big dogs and little dogs, old dogs and puppies–they sure can make a baby laugh.

I can hardly imagine what my mother would have said, had she seen the video of the baby girl treating the dog’s nose like a popsicle. I am afraid she might have fainted.

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