Beagle Un-Decorates Christmas Tree

Cute little girl and excitable dog sharing a Christmas tree–what could go wrong? I can’t tell if the tree has been purposely decorated with dog toys for the dog to pull off: but then he declares a vendetta against the little girl’s stuffed snowman. The child doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe she’ll grow up with odd notions.

Puppy & Baby Tag-Team vs….. Sleep

I guess the puppy is supposed to watch over the sleeping baby; but sleepiness can be contagious. How long can the puppy keep up the unequal struggle?

P.S.–No horse aphids are present in this video.

Cats & Dogs & Babies

In case I don’t have internet access this evening, I’d better post this cat video now.

See how good cats and dogs are with babies. It must be so good for a baby! I’m sure if I had this as a baby, I would have grown up to be more polite to Verizon representatives.

Dogs & Babies: The Showdown

Why do babies laugh so hard when they play with dogs and cats? And then it makes me laugh! I just can’t help it.

Somebody once told me they had an iguana that played peek-a-boo with their toddler. I was a newspaper man at the time, so the story must have been true.

Sleepiness Can Be Contagious

The puppy is watching the baby. The baby is sound asleep. Now the puppy has to struggle to stay away. He tries not watching the baby, but the damage is already done. Walking around doesn’t help. The end result cannot be avoided.

Come to think of it, I’ve been to lectures like this.

Dogs & Babies

Too many people miss what is perfectly obvious in these interactions between dogs and babies. To wit (I’ve always wanted to say that): the dogs understand baby-talk, and the babies understand dog-talk.

There is no truth to the assertion that babies raised with chameleons get caught changing into lots of different colors. But one of the babies in this video throws back his head and howls, imitating the dog.

A Dog & Baby Show

I think this dog is purposely trying to entertain the baby. The more the baby laughs, the more the dog does the stuff that makes him laugh. This is a meeting of the minds–don’t knock it. We’ve seen a lot of videos of babies going ga-ga for dogs and cats. Is this something God meant to be? I think so.

Dogs & Babies: Peek-a-Boo

If you can get past the little baby hiding from the dog by wearing someone’s shirt over his head while he crawls around and giggles, you’ll find some more cute clips waiting for you. Hey, what is it about dogs that makes human babies laugh so hard? If babies could only tell us what they’re thinking–!

A Very Musical Household

This is what you get when Daddy and Mommy are musicians–a musical household.

Well, at any rate you get a dancing toddler and a dog who plays the piano and sings, insofar as a dog can do such things. Betcha J.S. Bach had this in his house! Anyway, we saw it last night and I knew I’d have to share it with you all.

Smart Pets & Stupid People

If you’re blessed, your dog or cat will protect your baby. This is not to be taken lightly. In this video you’ll see some dunderheads provoking their pets just to get a laugh on Youtube. It’d serve these jidrools right if they got bitten. But you’ll also see a heroic cat chasing a dog away from a toddler.

Anyway, this is a gift–and if you’ve got it, don’t waste it. And be thankful for it! Babies need protection.