This is Why You Need Round Doorknobs

Watch as cats open one closed door after another, often managing to let out the dog who was supposed to stay in, and letting themselves in where they were supposed to stay out.

All of these doors seem to have levers instead of doorknobs, and obviously a cat can figure out how those work.

If they only had hands with opposable thumbs, we would be totally at their mercy.

3 comments on “This is Why You Need Round Doorknobs

  1. I had a cat like that once, and she came and went as she pleased even though the door knob was not like these things, it was metal and round.

  2. Cats are fabulous! It’s difficult to stump them. Some of them just seemed to want to lend a helping paw to their doggy friends 🙂 Clever doormen.

  3. Cats are the most amazing creatures. I know that God must have had a blast creating this beautiful creature. I’ve had cats and they are so intelligent figuring out how to get into this or that. I have dog, Maggie, that I love dearly but I am a cat lady deep down inside.

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