Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and I just can’t let the summer pass without saluting one of my favorite critters, the tiger swallowtail butterfly. Happily, they’re not uncommon around here. I saw a nice one this morning.

The one in this video is a male. The females have a border of metallic blue spots along the bottom of their wings; and some females have black wings. I always thought that was another species, but I was wrong.

As man’s stuff continues to deteriorate, God’s stuff is still going strong-and this is one of the most beautiful examples of it.

It would be a sorry world that had to do without butterflies!

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  1. Butterflies of all kinds are some of the most beautiful and harmless creations of Our Master! When my daughters were young, they called them ‘flutter-bys’.

    Mans’ thoughts cannot conceive what God accomplishes!

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