Climbit Change Is bad four Fairys Too!!

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Look at this hear pitctur istnt it awffle?? I seen it In my Envyre-mental Justase clas! It “is” Prooof that Climbit Change it is wyping Out fairys!!! Yes Globble Warming it “is” Causing theese hear Gaint Spidders exspecelly in “the” thirdd World like Africka and Mognolia and “otther” plaices that “are” Hard to spel!

But yiu kno dum stopid peple like this lee gye thay Trying “to” trick yiu Into not beeleaving in Climbit Change thay al Gettin Mony$$$ from the Oil companys!!! and thay Dont care no thay dont cayre “whatt” hapens to poor little Fairys! And aslo thay Are racists and biggits too!!! and i think Thay has Homo Phobea and “thay” wont let a wimmin have a bortion that is haw Bad “thay” are!

That “is” wye Congers has Got to make Climbit Chang D. Nile aginst “the” Law and have It “be” a Fedrel Crimb yiu go to Jale “for” yeres and yeers! Other wyes “thare” wont Be no Fairys left “on the” hole Plaanet!!!!!

Climbit chang is Reel!

Sceince it sayes So!

And anny One that gose aginst Sceince thay Shuld be Shot!!

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  1. I can tell you’re very agitated today, Joe. You’re even more incoherent than usual. Maybe you should take a chill pill. A nice pair of wool socks would make you feel better 🙂

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