Reality ‘4’ Dummies

Here are a few basic principles of reality that are often ignored. They bear repeating. But be warned: you can’t embrace reality and still be a liberal.

1. Government has no money of its own. It only has what it can extract from us in taxes. All the money that comes out of government–stuff like food stamps, housing subsidies, state and federal aid to education–came in to the government through somebody’s paycheck. Yours, for instance.

2. If you can’t make a profit, you can’t do the business. The 2016 Democrat party platform calls for reining in those dadburned profits. How dare they make a profit? But the non-negotiable truth is that if a business cannot make a profit, it cannot exist. And don’t bother with the clever riposte, “Oh yeah?? What about the non-profits? Huh? How come they do just fine? Huh? Huh?” The non-profits survive because the government supports them–with your money.

3. No one can afford to pay anyone $15 an hour to pick up litter in the parking lot. Democrats–sorry to be picking on them, but they’re the ones who declare war on reality–want the minimum wage to be $15 an hour. If that ever happens, there will be no jobs, none at all, for young or unskilled labor.

4. Reality is real and it doesn’t matter what you think or say to the contrary. Try walking over an open manhole that you say isn’t really there, and see what happens. Really, this whole “social construct” business has gone more than far enough. Men are men and women are women no matter what you do to them surgically or pharmacologically: every cell of a man’s body will continue to have none but male chromosomes, and a woman’s cells will have only female chromosomes. That cannot be changed.

Libs like to call themselves “reality-based” because they believe in Evolution, whatever it is, and other Scientific Truths. Pathetic, isn’t it? But liberalism is an amusement that has a very high price tag for the rest of us, and it’s time we started refusing to pay.


5 comments on “Reality ‘4’ Dummies

  1. I know, it seems so simple- not rocket science, as they say, but people who think they are brilliant prove themselves to be retarded. I actually heard a person on TV this morning state, ” we agree that everyone at this table is extremely smart…” In fact, they all sounded like a flock of chattering magpies and rude ones, at that. I can not stay in the room any longer than necessary when they are on camera. Ignorant, frivilous, retarded is what they are.

  2. I’m amazed by how many people do not comprehend the first of these points. My own mother lionized FDR and thought that getting money from the government was a good thing. She worked, but she could not comprehend that handouts were bad and dispiriting for the recipients (obviously, in cases of true need there may be no other choice). The government has ZERO MONEY. Not a cent, and it never can. If we, the people of the US, were to cease existing the government would be gone. If in harsh, totalitarian regimes, the government is completely dependent upon its citizens. They may use coercion and intimidation, but they still are dependents of the citizens over which they rule.

  3. Maybe some of the big businesses will side with the Republicans, if the Democrats are so willing to end minimum wage of ten dollars an hour.
    However, the poor populace will probably side with the Democrats, for the higher wage.
    The Dems don’t care about the masses, though. They just want to win an election.

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