Whoose Car We Goin to Kee Now??

We got a reel promble hear at Collidge, whe dont kno whoose car “to” kee neckst!! Like, Wee All ready keed al “the” conserffatiffs Cars and aslo al The repulbickans and noaw thay Dont dryve thare cars “on” Campas no more.

My prefesser He “is” So smart!!! Yiu nevver gesse waht he sayed. “He” sayed it “is No” promble thare is “stil pllente of cars” thatt wee Can kee, al the cars thay thatt be Long to indyvidurals “whoo” is not Progresive enouhgjt!!!!

Hoaw Abuot “thatt” four A brillient Idear??? He Is not a Interllectural for Nothing!!! Becose thare is lots And “lots” of peple Whoo say thay Is Progreasive but thay only sayin It and Thay Dont Walk “the” wallk!

Onlyy thing Is, it Takes a Interllectural to snif Out theese hear Fake Prgrassive peple but that is OK we got Interllecturals hear at Collidge and yiu beter Lissen “to” us Or we messe up Yuor car!!!

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