You Can’t Say ‘Radical Islam’ Anymore?

Nope, no radical Islam here…

Well, no, you can’t–not if you live in London: for the mayor of that once-great city has outlawed the use of the term, “radical Islam” ( ).

This scepter’d isle, this seat of kings, joins the rest of Europe’s surrender monkeys in prostrating themselves before Islam.

Silly bugger: the term “radical Islam” was invented to draw a distinction between ordinary peaceful people who happen to be Muslims, and the flashier “Death to the Infidels!” variety. Apparently the PC police in the UK wants us to lump ’em all together.

In a single lifetime they have gone from “We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them on the fields” to “I surrender! I surrender!”

Margaret Thatcher would never have permitted it.

2 comments on “You Can’t Say ‘Radical Islam’ Anymore?

  1. Well, some things we expected in the last days, from reading Matthew 24 and a lot of other passages. Some things, such as this idiocy, who could have known? Amazing, the subtle way in which satan operates.

  2. Could you imagine if I was standing around holding a sign that said, “Behead those who insult Christianity!” I’d be arrested for sure.

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