College Forced to Pay Prof $400G to Settle Lawsuit

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[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Another collegiate experiment in compelled speech has come up snake-eyes.

When a philosophy professor at Shawnee State (Ohio) refused to address a male student using female pronouns–for the simple reason that the jerk isn’t a female, and it went against the prof’s religious convictions to pretend that a man is a woman–the looniversity issued him a “written warning” that promised dire consequences if he didn’t get his mind right in a hurry (

The prof took them to court, resulting in an agreement by the school to pay him $400,000 in damages.

Have they learned their lesson? Do they now understand that this is America, not the old Soviet Union?

Don’t bet on it. Respecting rights of conscience isn’t in their DNA. And college makes you both dishonest and stupid.

CNN Stooge: You Should ‘Face Consequences’ If You Believe Election Was Rigged

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I don’t even want to post a picture of this bum. Here’s a nice leaf hopper instead.

One of the dangles that works at CNN, the aptly named “Don Lemon,” thinks you should “face consequences” if you believe there was anything wrong  with that 2020 election ( ‘Cause you must be craaaaazy, man, if you think President Trump really won!

“Consequences,” eh? What consequences, sunshine? The camps? Firing squad? Ooh-ooh–I know! If you’re mind’s not right, you can’;t buy groceries! Or hold a job. Other consequences will suggest themselves to the alert fascist.

Mr. “Lemon” is very upset, though, over “the damage they’re doing to our democracy, and the damage they’re doing to our republic.”

What? Where did this overpaid mossbunker go to school? You can’t be a democracy and a republic at the same time. Not unless you’re the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Or is that precisely what he has in mind?

One thing the COVID stampede has brought to the surface is a livid streak of fascism in the minds of an uncomfortably great number of Americans. They’d be more than happy to see us go full Australia, lockdowns forever and watch what you say, you could wind up in the camp. I keep thinking of that weirdo who’d been a lawyer in the Justice Dept. who wanted to force all small businesses, as a condition of being allowed to continue, to sign a “pledge” affirming the pure integrity of 2020’s alleged election. They’re coming out of the woodwork.

How much time do we have to save our country from these people?

Pray hard, speak the truth, and trust in God, the Judge of all the earth.

U. of Oklahoma: Only One Way to Think

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Are we in China?

As part of mandatory “diversity training” (barf bag, please), students at the University of Oklahoma are compelled to say what the “trainers” want them to say, in order to complete the course ( For instance, your responses to questions must show total approval of all things “transgender.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has tried to reach a compromise by asking the looniversity to make the program optional instead of compulsory–well, you can guess how far they’ve gotten with that. The villains have rejected any compromise; so probably the only way to restore a semblance of liberty to the campus is to win a lawsuit.

Where is it written that as soon as you enroll in college, you lose your First Amendment rights? All of a sudden they can compel you to say what they want to hear? As if you were a parrot?

And I hope this puts to rest the idea that just because your school is located in a Red state, it’s immune to Far Left Crazy.

Defund the universities.

And stop sending your kids there to have their brains sucked out.

P.S.–More key words: Shameful. Degrading. Insulting. Oppressive. Evil. Stupid.

Salute Idaho! They’re Defunding Far Left Universities

PHOTOS AND UPDATES: Students riot on Beaver Avenue after Penn State wins Big Ten title | University Park Campus News |

Why in the world do we keep paying for this?

If publicly-funded universities in Idaho want to keep “teaching social justice” and clobbering dissent, they’ll have to do it without any money from the state.

The Idaho legislature–three cheers!–voted to cut an additional $2.5 million in state funds from the University of Idaho and Boise State ( They also passed a law against “compelling students” to express allegiance to “Critical Race Theory.” The idea is to wipe out “state sanctioned racism and sexism.”

Now, a place like Harvard wouldn’t even notice the loss of $2.5 million. Their annual budget is literally 20 thousand times bigger than that. But it just might make a dent in Boise State.

Probably the universities in Idaho will continue to preach and practice tyranny while trying to scrounge funds from other sources. But the solution to that problem is simple:

Just keep cutting their budgets till they stop.

Sooner or later you get them to a point where they either have to stop the fascism or go out of business. Let’s shoot for sooner.

‘Are You a Racist?’ (2014)

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You’d better like really hot peppers–or else!

In 2014 someone hoaxed passersby, telling them the Speaker of the House admitted he didn’t like Mexican food and asking them what they thought should be done about it. And a lot of little fascists said some action ought to be taken against him because not liking Mexican food makes you a Racist and by golly the country can’t tolerate that!

Are You a Racist?

By now they’ve had some years to work on their position to make it even more irrational, unjust, and stupid. Now you don’t even have to be white to be a White Supremacist. Any opposition to these vermin, no matter how trivial or ineffectual, has them howling for your head on a pole.

Democrats–think how great America would be without them.

‘Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust’ (2018)

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Nothin’ here but Global Warmin’!

Where did all these fascists come from? Have we begotten them?

Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust

They want to lock you up for not believing in their precious Man-Made Climate Change, which used to be called Global Warming.

And we put them back in power???

Well, in point of fact, we didn’t. The power that they have today, they stole.

And now they’re cranking up Climbit Change again. God defend us.

‘I Am Liberalism’ (Newswithviews, 2019)

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I wasn’t able to write a Newswithviews column this week. But since leftids have stolen our country out from under us and are trying to kill it before we can get it back, I thought this 2019 essay worth revisiting.

I Am Liberalism

Make no mistake about it: theirs is a country-destroying ideology that littered the 20th century with the corpses of the innocent. Leftist governments create poverty, fear, mendacity, crime, and violence.

As we’ll shortly see for ourselves. It’s already happening.

‘When They Make You Say It’ (2018)

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Personally, I can’t think of anything more demeaning, hateful, or wrath-provoking than being forced to say something that I don’t believe. I’m glad they hadn’t yet gotten into this when I was in college.

When They Make You Say It

And who makes you say things that you don’t believe? Liberals, of course! The very same hypocrities who are always yammering about “oppression” and “bullying”!

They need to be pitched into a river.

Another Lib Governor Pops Her Cork

Frontline worker families, those with other conditions eligible as virus  'rebounding' | Local News |

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

There are still well-meaning people who think that if only we could have a meaningful dialogue with leftids, we’d come to appreciate each other’s humanity and find ways to resolve our differences. And then we could all go feed the unicorns.

How, for instance, are you supposed to have a meaningful dialogue with the Democrat governor of Oregon, Kate Brown? Appearing recently on some goofy cable TV show–“Democracy Now,” good grief–this Far Left jidrool vowed to “use law enforcement [before or after defunding the police?] to eradicate” President Donald Trump’s “forces” (

She described the perpetual Portland riots as “peaceful protests”–honest, it only hurts when I laugh–and at the same time blamed President Trump and evil “federal officials” for the whole business. Meanwhile, a lot of the rest of the country wondered why the president didn’t intervene to stop the riots. But the governor wants it both ways.

What exactly did she mean by “eradicate”? Make it against the law to have voted for Donald Trump? That would be an ex post facto law, explicitly forbidden by the Constitution–but how many Democrats–or college graduates–would know that? Or care?

She likes Antifa, though. Gotta give her that.

So let’s have a good old-fashioned chin-wag, Ms. Governor. How much time do we have before you call in your goon squad to eradicate me?

What has gone wrong with our civics, that we wound up having people like this holding office in America?

Locke Themb Alll Up!!!!

In jail just visiting space on a Monopoly Game Board Stock Photo - Alamy

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Heer “at” Collidge we “Are” awlyaws maiking A Beter Fewtchure!!!!!!!!